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Vauxhall reviews have been written for each model in the range, the team at Vauxhall Quotes carrying out exhaustive tests and spending time with the different vehicles in order to provide detailed, useful and independent reviews.

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A review of the performance characteristics of the Vauxhall model under consideration. As well as the basic top speed and acceleration information these Vauxhall reviews also consider the real-life driving performance characteristics, considering all engines in the range to identify the best options.


Not all cars in the Vauxhall model range are designed to tear around at high speed, so the driving characteristics considered in these Vauxhall reviews bear this in mind, looking at how cars drive in urban environments, on motorways and so on, as well as how they go round corners on the limit.


The standard equipment fitted to a car is often an essential part of ownership. These reviews of the different Vauxhall models consider what is provided at different trim specifications, the key features that make a car stand out; all to help buyers find the most suitable option.


Living with a car is far different from having a quick test drive or look around the showroom. All the Vauxhall model reviews consider how they fit in with regular lifestyles. Considerations such as access to rear seats, boot space, headroom and so on are all addressed in the different Vauxhall reviews, ensuring the pertinent questions have been answered prior to purchase.


A subjective topic but one that the different reviews cover well thanks to the vast experience of the testing team. In addition to things like panel fit, general build quality and materials used the testers also looked at more subtle aspects such as switch feel and how parts work together.


A major factor in any new car review, safety includes the respected EuroNCAP results as well as feedback on the way each Vauxhall model reviewed builds safety features in.

Running Costs

Affordability is a critical factor in any new car purchase so the running costs part of the different Vauxhall reviews looks in detail at fuel economy, servicing and CO2 emissions to gain an understanding of how easy each model is to run. The review also considers the Benefit in Kind cost to company car drivers, for whom the Vauxhall range is very popular.

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