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Full specifications and technical data on each model in the Vauxhall range, both cars and vans. From top speed and power output to official fuel economy figures; standard equipment features to optional paint choices it’s all in the Vauxhall Specifications section.

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Equipment & Features

A full list of the standard features and equipment on individual Vauxhall models plus what can be specified as an option.

Technical Data

Details about vehicle dimensions, capacities and even turning circles. This sort of technical information can be essential, ensuring a particular Vauxhall car will fit into a garage or through driveway gates for example.

Engine Performance

Any talk about cars always comes down to engine performance – top speed, 0-60 times, BHP and so on. Make sure you keep up by having the relevant Vauxhall specifications to hand.

NCAP Safety Data

Using the official EuroNCAP results details are provided for every model in the Vauxhall range that has been tested.

Exterior Colours

The choice of body colours available on a particular Vauxhall model can be very important, which is why this data is provided within the Vauxhall specifications section. Both standard and optional paint is included.

Fuel Economy

Using the official fuel consumption figures – Urban, Extra-Urban and Combined – the data included in this section of Vauxhall Specifications shows typical consumption figures for different types of driving and, because it is a standardised test, can be compared accurately with other new cars.

List Price

The latest list prices for every model in the Vauxhall range are included, as well as a price breakdown to show the different elements that go into the final on the road price. All figures shown are recommended retail prices of course so it is worth requesting a quote, using the “Get Quotes" button below, to see the best price available on a new Vauxhall car or van.

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